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Four of Australia's Best 4WD Tracks

Australia is widely known as the capital of the 4wd industry, with every state having their own tracks that can be anything from breath takingly beautiful to breath takingly scary. There really are hundreds of tracks you can tackle but we have chosen four of our personal favourites and put them together to form the ultimate 4x4 bucket list.


Victorian High Country (Billy Goats Bluff) – Exploring the Victorian High Country in your 4x4 makes for one heck of an adventure! The Vic High Country is full of soaring peaks that open onto sweeping landscapes below. Driving through the High Country you will come across many abandoned ‘ghost towns’ that you can stop at and explore. There really are hundreds of tracks to take on when you’re making your way through the Victorian High Country but there is nothing quite like the Billy Goats Bluff Track that has a steep climb of just over twelve hundred meters in seven kilometres.


Old Telegraph Track– The Old Telegraph Track is one of the most iconic 4wd tracks in Australia, if you’re an Aussie outdoor enthusiast with a 4wd then you have either planned a trip to the tip or you’ve been there and you’re now planning a return adventure. The Old Telegraph Track is full of deep-water crossings, slippery river banks and uneven dirt tracks that span for over 200km.


Canning Stock Route –The Canning Stock Route is not for beginners; it is widely known as one of the most remote off-road tracks in Australia, full of unforgiving terrain and long stretches of sandy tracks that demand for complete concentration and preparation. The route spans over 18,000km and crosses through the Gibson Desert, the Little Sandy Desert and the Great Sandy Desert, with no towns or emergency services along the way The Canning Stock Route is not for the faint hearted.


Gibb River Road –If you’re a 4x4 enthusiast and you haven’t yet tackled the Gibb River Road then you need to add it to your bucket list. When you turn off the bitumen and start heading through the Kimberley Ranges you are blessed with views of untouched wilderness and epic cattle stations that are the size of small countries. Spanning across 900km the Gibb River Road is known as one of Australia’s most breath-taking 4wd tracks. The track is filled with plenty of thundering waterfalls, hot springs and crystal-clear pools that almost demand you stop to take in their beauty.


From bush driving to tracking along the sand, Australia has the 4x4 lovers well and truly covered. Now you know our favourites, we want to know all about your number one track! Send us a message on our socials and tell us where we should be planning our next trip to.

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