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Fridge Cages

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"I the bought the 60L tilt slide and ladder racks and the quality of those 2 as well are bloody beautiful. Can’t thank you legends enough for all the help you gave me 👍🏼👍🏼"

- Dylan P

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"Just wanted to say a big thanks for my fridge slide, tested it out last long weekend and it was awesome, absolutely wrapped with the quality!"

- Liam Q

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"You guys have always been awesome to deal with and very good with prices. Inside the canopy I’ve got a Ridge 4x4 kitchen slide which works awesome for those camping trips. Highly recommend to anyone."

- Tyler L

No matter what you tackle in the great outdoors, chances are it’s important that all your gear is organised and well protected. With Ridge 4x4 fridge cages, you can say goodbye to your tools moving around and coming into contact with your refrigerator, potentially causing damage and leaving its pristine exterior with scratches and dents.

This makes a fridge cage a crucial element of your 4x4 setup.

Get organised and say goodbye to loose gear with fridge cages

When you travel off-road, loose gear tends to slide around. When this happens, the risk of damaging your fridge and its contents and your tools and equipment increases. With the help of our 4WD fridge cages, you can shield your refrigerator from dings and scratches, increasing its durability and functional lifespan.

Our fridge cages for 4WDs are fabricated from tough flat plate aluminium, offering a solid layer of protection between your fridge and the rest of the equipment in your vehicle.

Aside from working as a fridge cage barrier, Ridge 4x4 fridge cages also feature an optional storage shelf above the fridge. You can use this sizable area for organising your tools and other gear, including small items that can get misplaced easily and mixed with the rest of your kit.

Get your hands on Ridge 4x4 fridge cages with superior features

Ridge 4x4 fridge cages come with a range of significant features designed to benefit vehicle owners who go off-roading frequently:

  • Made from powder-coated, industrial-grade flat plate aluminium
  • Removable storage shelf to maximise space and organise gear
  • Adjustable width and height designed to fit a range of refrigerator sizes
  • Available in 720mm and 920mm sizes
  • Fits all Ridge 4x4 canopies perfectly

On top of these qualities, each 4WD fridge cage also comes with a no-fuss 24-month warranty.

Discover premium fridge cages at Ridge 4x4

Ridge 4x4 has designed and engineered a range of durable and innovative storage solutions that will help you organise your vehicle and ensure all your equipment is out of harm’s way while you’re on the road. So, ensure the safety of your refrigerator, tools and other gear with the help of Ridge 4x4 fridge cages for 4WDs.

Need more information about our fridge cages, fridge slides, kitchen slides, road chef ovens, anchor tracking and other products?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us today — we’re ready to help!

Frequently asked questions


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we get, if you havent found the answer you need, get in touch.

What is a fridge cage made up of?

A fridge cage is typically made up of tough industrial-grade metal to ensure it provides adequate, reliable protection for the appliance it’s supposed to protect — a refrigerator. It should also be durable enough to withstand coming into contact with various types of gear, including the impact of those comprising only metal parts.

Ridge 4x4 fridge cages are made using flat plate aluminium, which is industrial-grade and powder-coated for superior corrosion protection. Flat plate aluminium is a relatively lightweight material, so it limits the fridge cage's extra load on your vehicle. It is also easy to maintain, waterproof and has a long service life.

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How much time does it take to install fridge cages?

Since Ridge 4x4 fridge cages are designed to be assembled quickly and conveniently, you’ll be able to put yours together in under an hour. For your convenience, we recommend that you assemble it inside the canopy to avoid any difficulty with moving and setting it in place once you're done with the assembly work.

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Do I need special tools to assemble a fridge cage?

You don't need specialised tools to assemble a Ridge 4x4 fridge cage, and you're sure to have something in your gear kit you can use to assemble it, such as a screwdriver, wrench, ratchet or something similar. You can also make adjustments to your fridge cage easily. As long as you know the dimensions or exact measurements of your fridge, you can use these as your basis for adjusting the bolts on the panels until you achieve the desired size.

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How can I adjust the height of my fridge cage?

Adjusting a Ridge 4x4 Fridge Cage is simple, all you need to is adjust the bolts in the panels according to the required size that you are after.

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Does the fridge cage come pre-assembled or do I need to put it together?

The Fridge Cage will need to be assembled once brought, we recommend assembling it inside the canopy.

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